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Public Transportation, Maritime, and Railway companies in Turkey, Black Sea, and Caspian Region, will be meeting in the regional transportation summit which will be held in Istanbul.!!

Several local and internationa companies as well as high-level state delegations are expected to participate in this event, which was opened by Turkish Transportation Minister, Mr. Binali Y?ld?r?m in year 2005

Transportation industry, which gained importance and became subject to tax monitoring as a result of the new transportation law that became effective as of February 25th, 2006, will be analyzed in more detail, during the conference, which will take place between April 27-28, 2006.

This annual meeting which attracts great attention form the transportation industry as a whole (air, ground, sea), and from the side industries, will be bringing together many local and international companies.

TRTE 2006 Turkish Regional Transportation Exhibition and I&S International Intermodal Transportation conference which is the most important event of the transportation industry in Turkey, Caspian and Black Sea region, will be held between April 27th-29th, 2006 in Istanbul Hilton.

"5th International Caspian and Black Sea Transportation Conference and Showcase"

September 10th - 11th 2007

The Marmara Hotel, Istanbul / Turkey

I&S Transport 2006 Conference and TRTE 2006 Exhibition ;

  • Over 250 delegates and participants from 25 countries
  • Deputy ministers and senior representatives from the Ministries of Transportation of Turkey, Russia, Iran, Romania, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Georgia and from state maritime and railway companies.
  • Official Support from the following organizations : Ministery of Transportation of the Republic of Turkey, TCDD, IRU, FIATA, UND, UTİKAD, TRACECA, DTO, TÜRKLİM, BSEC BUSINESS COUNCIL, COASTAL SAFETY DEPARTMENT, GİSBİR, TABA, ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
  • TRTE 2006 Exhibition has been opened by Mr. Barış Tozar - Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministery of Transportation of the Republic of Turkey and Mr. Talat Aydın - General Manager of Land Transportation Department.
  • Over 2500 visitors


    Around 90% of total foreign trade of Turkey is conducted via marine transportation and more than 100.000 people are employed in the maritime industry. Turkey has a significant ship building and repair capacity.

    Turkey is located at the crossroads of current and planned intercontinental transportation routes which are suitable for container and intermodal transportation and constitutes an important bridge with regard to increasing the effectiveness of these transportation modes.

    The transportation corridors that pass through Turkey and connect Europe to Caspian Sea, form the backbone of Eurasian transportation both in terms of passenger and cargo transportation and energy transportation.


  • Land transportation companies
  • Cargo Delivery firms
  • Ship building and repair services
  • Insurance companies
  • Brokers
  • Ports / Terminals
  • Railway transportation
  • Intermodal/multimodal transportation
  • Container transportation
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Maritime companies
  • Freight transportation
  • Container producers
  • Vessel fuel companies
  • Custom services
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse services
  • Freight handling equipment manufacturers.
  • Associations
  • Media companies


    Advance International * Agıp KCO * Ambar Magazine * OJSC "Azovmash" * The Baltic Course * Black Sea Commission Permanent Secretariat * Black Sea & Caspian Business * Bsec Business Council * Caspian Energy International Publishing House * Chamber of Maritime Commerce* Container Business Magazine * Det Norske Veritas * Durot Shipping N.V. * Eksen Makina * Emes Denizcilik * ENI * ESM Publishing * The Federal Agency of Sea and River Transportation of Russia* Flamar * Freightcon International Confreight Group * Coastal Safety Department* International Freighting Weekly -IFW * IRU * International Transport Journal * UND * Marine Transportation Engineering School of İstanbul University* Italian Chamber of Commerce * K Line Shipping * Kazakhstan Temir Zholy * Kaztransservice JSC ,* Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works JSC * Liski,Uscst * Llyod's Marine Intelligence * Maximov Publications Ltd. * The Ministery of Transportation and Communication of Armenia * The Ministery of Transportation of Azerbaijan * The Ministery of Transportation of Bulgaria * The Ministery of Economic Development of Georgia * The Ministery of Transportation and Communication of Kazakhstan * The Ministery of Economy and Commerce of Romania * The Ministery of Transportation and Communication of the Republic of Turkey * Newsbase * Nova Natie Logistics NV * Perevozki Magazine * P&O Ports * Antalya Commercial Port * Port of Antwerp * Port of Bandırma * Port of Derince * Port of Ghent *Güven Kepçe* Port of Haydarpaşa * Port of İskenderun * Port of İzmir * Port of Mersin * Port of Samsun * Ports of Ukrarine Publishing House * Procom S.A. Freight Village * Türklim * Maritime Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey - İstanbul Regional Office * Russian State Railways OJSC * RZD-Partner * Santex, Ltd. * Saratoga Forwarding * SCT-Salerno Container Terminal SPA * Illichivsk Ticari Limanı * Short Sea Promotion Centre Belgium Flanders * Solvay * Someks LLP * Stukwerkers Havenbedrijf NV * Sudohodstvo * TABA * T.C.D.D * Tero Shipping and Forwarding Agency * Transport Weekly Journal * Transport and Logistics Magazine * Transport Information Centre * Transport Messanger Magazine * TRACECA * Unicon -Press Publishing House * UTIKAD * Vira Maritime Magazine…..


    Barış Tozar - Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministery of Transportation of the Republic of Turkey and Secretary General of TRACECA
    Talat Aydın - Ministery of Transportation of the Republic of Turkey, General Manager of Land Transportation Department
    Daniela Nikiforova - Deputy Minister of Transportation of Bulgaria
    Şerafettin Deniz - TCDD External Affairs Department Head
    Gülsün Erkul - First Secretary of the Department of Energy of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs the Republic of Turkey
    Cemalettin Şevli - Manager of İstanbul Regional Office of Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs
    Haydar Özkan - IRU Middle East Permenant Representative
    Arif Davran - UTİKAD Secretary General
    Tamer Dinçşahin - UND Secretary General
    Güntay Şimşek - Editor-in-Chief of Merkez Dergi Group
    Vyacheslav Gavrilov - The Federal Agency of Sea and River Transportation of Russia
    Berik Uandykov - Director of External Affairs of the Ministery of Transportation and Communication of Kazakhstan
    Elnur Ali Ogly Omarov - Transportation Development Director of the Ministery of Transportation of Azerbaijan
    Dumitru Dorogan - The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of Romania
    Jean Pierre Verschueren - Marketing Director of the Port of Antwerp
    Stijan Devolder - Business Development Director of the Port of Ghent
    Vyacheslav Ruksha - Advisor to the President of Russian State Railway Company
    İrfan Bilgin - Secretary General of Türklim
    Prof. Dr. Capt. Necmettin Akten - The Head of the School of Marine Transportation Management Engineering of İstanbul University


    Sponsorship offers are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Below are our sponsorhip services which would contribute a lot to the promotion and advertising of your company :

  • Taking part as a speaker and a session chairman
  • Placing of the company logo on all printed materials
  • Organization of the creation of promotional materials such as gifts, inserts and posters
  • Discounted and free participation for the delegates
  • Special promotional activites based on the type of sponsorship.
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