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Date: 28 January- 01 February 2014/ Visiting Hours: 28January - 31 January 10:30 - 19:00, 01 February 10:30 - 18:00  / Venue: Istanbul Expo Center, Hall 9,10 and 11 – Turkey
Turkish Furniture at Istanbul Furniture Fair
An opportunity for profitable business, full access to global furniture trends and a close look at the rich content of the Turkish furniture market.
With more than expected 200 exhibitors on approximately 25.000 sqm Istanbul Furniture Fair 2014 will open the doors of the finest home furnishings, interior designs and furniture trends for 2014 between 28 January – 01 February in Istanbul Expo Center Hall9,10 and 11 in Turkey.
Why Turkish Furniture?
• Turkey is a country that makes furniture!
More than 60,000 companies operate in the Turkish furniture industry, including manufacturers and retailers. Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, Inegöl and Izmir are Turkey’s leading furniture production locations. Increasing its output capacity each year with new investments,
•  Technology the world invents today is used in Turkey at the same day!
Manufacturers in Turkey closely follow the global furniture technologies, continuously renewing their machine fleets and using state-of-the-art technologies.
•  Turkish furniture design is always in sync with the trend!
Closely following developments worldwide, Turkish furniture designers always produce “trendy” designs… Thousands of young designers educated in design programs offered by 35 universities add dynamism to the industry. The Turkish furniture industry is on its way of becoming a global trend with its outstanding designs.
•  Designs of impressive quality also surprise by affordable prices!
Distinguished for high-quality materials and original designs, Turkish furniture products are renowned for the good price / cost balance. Operating in an effective and professional manner, Turkish furniture companies always offer best quality at best prices.
• Turkey is where all markets join!
Turkey is a strategic location for all markets from Europe to Asia, from Middle East to Africa.
•  Turkish companies deliver fast and on time!
Proximity to all markets and power derived from new technologies and qualified labour makes it possible to deliver rapidly and on time.
• Turkish furniture brands offer concept integrity!
Turkish furniture brands offer a wide range of products and services marked by concept integrity from sitting sets to bedroom sets, from dining room sets to items for teenager rooms and even including furniture accessories.
• Furniture demand increases with a dynamic and continuously developing structure!
A young and educated consumer group, increasing standards of living and an ever developing structure increased the demand for furniture substantially. Increased purchases of furniture also increased the contribution of Turkish furniture brands to the domestic economy and the furniture industry has risen in the world. Yearly construction of 600 thousand residences in line with the increasing educated and dominant population in the domestic market increases furniture investments considerably.
Why Istanbul Furniture Fair?
• Trade fair for those who want to invest in Turkish Furniture market. The opportunity to monitor and evaluate developments in furniture industry. 
•  Designs of impressive quality also surprise by affordable prices at Istanbul Furniture Fair.
• Offering concept integrity for home furnishing.
• Exhibitors and bold designers present fresh ideas and new home furnishings.
• Istanbul Furniture Fair has a strong strategic location and excellent business potential internationally.
• Opportunities to selects dealers and/or partners from national or international markets.
By visiting Istanbul Furniture Fair, you will also have the opportunity to see the breathtaking natural scenery of the center of the old world and Istanbul with historical heritages that will take you on a trip back in time. Istanbul, with the mesmerizing Bosporus and terrific Turkish cuisine is one of the most fun and worth seeing cities in the world. You can reach Istanbul in two hours from Europe and the Middle East.