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Dates: 03 - 07 April 2013, Venue: Istanbul Expo Center, Cnr Expo - Turkey

International Istanbul Stationary, Paper, School and Office Products exhibition unique in Turkey, 3rd largest in the World will bring all the sector together in 3rd of April.
International İstanbul Stationary, Paper, School and Office Products which is the meeting point for the sector where all the innovations, developments and opportunities are followed, is about to open its gate for  19th time. The exhibition which will take place between 3rd-7th of April, 2013 will be held with participation of more than 200 companies.
Stationary & Office 2013 which held by ITE Group Plc. Turkey Office E International Fair Organization (EUF) with the contribution of Association of Industrialists, Importers, Exporters and Wholesalers of Stationary (TUKID) will be an important platform in where the stationary-office agenda will be followed. The dominant trend of 2013 exhibition will  again be the Stationary Office products that are  focused on quality and ecology. This trend is not only sustainable and eco-friendly products but also includes production process, the role of the employees in the production process and usage of the sources. TUKID President Mehmet Helvacıoğlu says that ‘I have seen an exhibition in 2012 which was more quality oriented, more professional and with a more awareness and purchase oriented.’
A first in Stationary & Office Exhibitions: “Turkish Stationary Stock Market”
The “stock market” to be established in Hall no 4, will be a first for Turkey: the participant companies will introduce their  overstock products with the proper buyers. The visitors will have the chance to see the spot products on site with best prices.
International visitors from various countries
Stationary & Office 2013 which is taken both domestic and international attention has the suppor of Istanbul Wood and Forestry Products Exporters Association. We are expecting intense visits from many countries. Also, a special delegation from Middle East will visit the exhibition via special effort of EUF.
Among the product groups to be exhibited are; All the school and office materials; agenda-calendar, computer, photocopy and printers and related equipments, drawing-draft products, filing products, sending products, calculators, gifts; work/file and school bags, paper products and notebooks, cartridge and filling products, toys and education materials, board and writing boards, examination, school and pre-school education publishing, art and hobby materials, pad kits and desktop accessories, pastes and tapes and writing materials