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Dates: 19 - 22 September 2013 / Visiting Hours : 19 - 21 September, 10:00 - 19:00, 22 September, 10:00 - 18:00 / Venue: Istanbul Expo Center, Cnr Expo - Turkey
PROMOTURK International Promotional Items Istanbul Expo INCREASES ITS STRENGTH
Promoturk, International Promonional Items Exhibition is the only address of the industry for 27 years, with the honor of surpassing the quarter-century with the power taken from the industry, adds one more this year to its “new-generation” concept created by the philosophy of always looking to the future.
28th International Promotional Products Exhibition is organized by ITE Group Plc.’s Turkey Office EUF International Trade Fairs and supported by Promoturk Association  between 19-22 September 2013 in Istanbul Expo Center / Cnr Expo, together with the industry's most extensive participation.
The exhibition, which will be held this year will take place with the contributions of “PSI”, is a world-wide brand again. The global brand “Promoturk - powered by PSI”, due to PSI’s half-century of experience and global network will offer the opportunity to PSI members from the Europe and all over the world to establish new commercial partnerships and will give the chance to meet their suppliers with exhibitors and visitors.
 “Promoturk - powered by PSI”, which will be held between 19-22 September in Istanbul Expo Center / Cnr Expo, will be carrying brands of the world and important international visitors to Istanbul by the aid of PSI’s international studies and also will accelerate the industry to be integrated with the world. Over the past quarter-century Promoturk brought a total of more than 500,000 professional visitors together with its domestic and foreign participants.
With the excitement and pride of the 28th year, we invite you to the exhibition which will give the maximum effectiveness to the industry.
Why “Promotürk – Powered by PSI”?
  • With the support of Promoturk Association, PSI, KOSGEB and Izmir Chamber of Commerce, broad-based participation will be provided.
  •  “Promoturk - powered by PSI” exhibition presentations and announcements will be made by PSI presentation channels to their suppliers and distributors. In this way, mainly from Europe, intense interest and participation is expected in the exhibition from all over the world.
  • Meanwhile, participation to the exhibition is also expected from the countries which are not implementing a visa to Turkey and not being implemented a visa by Turkey: Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Morocco, South Africa, Georgia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Iran, Montenegro, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea , Kosovo, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Libya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Serbia, Chile, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan, Yemen.
  • “Promoturk - powered by PSI” will offer the possibility of monitoring and evaluation of developments in the “Worldwide Promotion Sector” and provide significant contributions to the development of sector.
  • “Promoturk - powered by PSI” will be held with the contributions of PSI Exhibition which is a worldwide brand and meeting point of world promotion sector, will provide hundreds of local and international organizations network infrastructure and opportunity to develop of the trade relations between visitors and participants of exhibition.
  • “Promoturk - powered by PSI” is at the middle of all markets. Promotional design product and innovative ideas will be exhibited by leading brands and adventurous designers at the “Promoturk - powered by PSI”.
  • Promotional product design, quality and appropriate pricing policies will appear on world’s showcase by "Promoturk - powered by PSI.”
  • Thanks to Turkey’s geographic location, closeness to all markets, easy access, and opportunities provided, “Promoturk - powered by PSI” is a peak feature for all big markets from Europe to Asia, from Middle East to North Africa.
  • An intense “Promoturk - powered by PSI” publicity and advertisement campaign will be started at the media as well as on the internet beginning from May, especially in the Russia, Middle East and the Balkans.
  • “Promoturk - powered by PSI” exhibition will provide the opportunity to meet with decision makers in the promotion sector in the right time and place and will provide new business possibilities as well as the possibility to choose new partners and/or dealers from national and international markets.
  • “Promoturk - powered by PSI” is an opportunity to meet with the purchase officials and the delegations that are selected and invited specifically from Turkey and all over the world.
  • By visiting “Promoturk - Powered by PSI”, you can also visit Istanbul which was the center of the ancient world with its glorious natural aspects and historical heritage that carries people to ancient ages.